Clean-Cor™ Pretreatment
Quality That Begins at the Core

Powder Paint & Powder Coating in Wausau, WI

A good finish depends on a good start. Our unique Clean-Cor™ pretreatment process cleans and seals your parts from the core to improve bonding and ensure appliance grade quality and long-lasting durability. This trademarked, multi-stage process employs several washes and key controls to prevent contaminants from disturbing surfaces. It creates a base ideally prepped for painting and is an unmatched approach to powder-coating quality you'll only find at Tomcor.

Powder Paint & Powder Coating in Wausau, WI
  • Unique chemical titrations with automatic controls and feeds for consistent paint application and adhesion.
  • Heat transfer efficiency for uniform heat distribution and chemical control.
  • Water purification system creates fresh reverse-osmosis water (bottled-water quality) used in both cleaning and rinsing.
  • Phosphate control with non-chromate sealer to create flawless substrate.

Your Clean-Cor™ pretreated parts are then encapsulated in a controlled tunnel, further protecting them from contaminant possibilities as they are transported to the environmental room for paint application.