Powder Painting & Powder Coating colors
Taking Color to the Max.

Powder Paint & Powder Coating Colors in Wausau, WI

We take color options and efficiencies to the max with our Nordson-engineered ColorMax® application booth. The system's high-efficiency features include optimum airflow and maximum powder usage to reduce waste while maintaining exceptional coverage. Its proprietary laminate construction also allows for fast, easy color changes and cleanup, resulting in the timely application you need.

ColorMax® gives us the operating flexibility to expertly manage more colors and even small batches with ease.

  • 22 automated application guns, 2 manual guns deliver uniform powder-paint coverage.
  • Average color change time of only 5-8 minutes.
  • More than 256 color options.
  • Color settings can be saved for repeated results on future runs.
  • Fully automated powder recovery system to deliver efficiencies and eliminate color cross-contamination.

"Ideal air quality equals optimal results.
Tomcor's environmental room achieves both."