Powder Painting & Powder Coating Durable. Attractive. Coated to Last.

Powder coating is an extremely durable, highly aesthetic and cost-effective application for getting the prodcut finish and enhancement you want, and no one does it better than Tomcor.

Powder Paint & Powder Coating in Wausau, WI

At Tomcor, we understand that it's not the amount of steps or stages in a powder-coating process that creates better results. It's the amount of effort, excellence and attention to controls at every step and stage that ultimately ensures a quality finish. That's why we've established the best in climate and process controls at our state-of-the-art facility, and it's how we deliver superior appliance-grade finishes.

Tomcor is proud to be an environmentally friendly company.

No emissions.
No hazardous waste.
Numerous energy recovery practices in place.

"We believe getting it right depends on controlling contaminants everywhere."