A Higher Level of Standards

Powder Paint & Powder Coating in Wausau, WI

Quality in appearance and quality that supports function. Tomcor's steadfast attention to quality control ensures both.

Tomcor works to reduce and eliminate the variables that can affect the coating process. Equally important are the variety of industry tests we perform to ensure reliability and uniform quality tests that go far beyond visual inspections.

In addition to our automated chemical testing, our coating processes are regularly tested multiple times each day. We use industry recognized testing equipment and standards to ensure adhesion, water/humidity resistance, durability, and the highest quality finish.

Our processes for quality and quality control methodology are documented and performed in accordance with nationally accepted ASTM standards for the powder coating industry. They include:

  • Cross Hatch Adhesion Test (ASTM D3359).
  • Hardness Test (ASTM D3363).
  • Gloss Test (ASTM D523).
  • Coating Thickness Test.

"Our ultimate quality control commitment? Making sure your finish measures up."